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Jeff Palmer - TOUCH... the latest book. Available for immediate delivery!


Jeff Palmer -- TOUCH

This book is "touching" in the true meaning of the word -- Jeff Palmer's artistic male photography presents images of men touching... sometimes themselves, and sometimes other men.

Muscular men in highly emotional scenes are masterfully enveloped in light and shadows. They open up to the camera's lens with both self-assurance and abandon. This new collection took some time to complete and you can see it in the results. Those looking for a "snapshot aesthetic" may be disappointed, but those who appreciate meticulously composed photographs of male nudes and male couples are sure to be delighted!

Moody and thought-provoking, the images are selected by the publisher to express a wide variety of emotions and experiences.

This monograph collection is definitively sensual -- classic and timeless images, fronts, backs, solos and couples.

120 pages, duotone, hardcover, 9.5" x 10"

Hardcover TOUCH -- $49.95 Unsigned.

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Hardcover TOUCH -- $59.95 Signed by the artist.

TOUCH - by Jeff Palmer

A Photobook Review by Martin Cox

*** Highly, Highly Recommended **

It takes a uniquely talented, seasoned master of photography like Jeff Palmer to convey a sense that is generally best experienced in person and translate it so meaningfully to another sense entirely.


In this book, the tactile experience of caresses, rubs, embraces and more is eloquently captured, evoking the emotions associated with these physical sensations in an almost inevitable way: the rush of feeling when a loved one brushes you as he walks by, the light touch of a supportive hand on the back of your neck, and yes -- the pleasures found by self-touch.


Jeff Palmer's beloved black-and-white is anything but cold and unemotional, thriving without warm color by the intense heat of physical closeness. Like the light frisson that often accompanies an intimate stroke of a finger, these images will surprise you with their quiet yet potent sensuality.


SENSUAL MEN was Jeff's first collection published by Bruno Gmunder Verlag of Germany. It was an instant hit and was reprinted several times! All of the hardcover copies are sold, but a few years ago, SENSUAL MEN was reprinted again in soft cover. The images are the same... powerful, sensual, beautiful, erotic and amazing images of beautiful men and male couples. Order your softcover copy by clicking on the shopping cart link below!


Softcover Sensual Men $19.95

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TEMPTATION was the second collection published by Bruno Gmunder. This is a collection of images that represented a wider breadth of Jeff's work. Classic images are still in evidence, but there are edgier images here too. In fact, the centerpiece of the book is a spread that is at once raw and dramatic, but also artistic and honest. Though the hardcover version is sold out, we have some copies of the softcover edition of TEMPTATION remaining in the studio. Click on the shopping cart link below to order a copy for your very own!

Softcover Temptation $19.95


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