The 2016 Jeff Palmer Calendar

Redesigned with room for notes and appointments!

All New photos to inspire and delight!


Designed to better feature the beautiful and sensual black and white images by photographer Jeff Palmer, the 2016 calendar is 11 3/4” by 16 3/4”-- large fine art images that will take center stage in your home or office!

Each page is a single month with an expanded area of calendar dates across the bottom of the page... more room for notes and appointments than last year... the image is about 11” by 11"!!

An appointment calendar -- and a piece of art!

Printed in Italy.

Another collection of beautiful Jeff Palmer images that is sure to thrill and inspire you. Jeff explores the power and beauty of the male body and men together in 12 sensual, moody, erotic, and thought provoking images.

A variety of images that capture very different emotions and experiences. This is a collection that is sure to have you peeking ahead and looking back throughout the year.

Remember – the calendars sell out regularly, so order early!

2016 Jeff Palmer Calendar

$19.95 each plus shipping/ tax

Save $5.00 off publishers price!

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Calendars are really the backbone of jeffpalmer.com. They are what got us really involved in the business of fine art photography. Years ago (in 1989), when Joe and I were still pups, we were working for the San Diego AIDS Project. We were getting very frustrated with the politics of the organization (back then... don't know what it's like now!) and were looking for a way to stay involved in the AIDS/HIV community, but not be involved with the Project. We came up with the idea of the AIDS Benefit Calendar, a fundraiser that went on to raise more than a half a million dollars during the eleven years that we produced it. We eventually realized that we could no longer continue to produce the Calendar and donate all the proceeds (giving new meaning to starving artists... thank God we had "construction careers" to pay the bills.) The AIDS Benefit Calendar ended, and fortunately, we now work with a wonderful publisher, Bruno Gmunder Verlag, in Germany that produces the Calendars every year featuring my images.


2016 Jeff Palmer Calendar

$19.99 each plus shipping/ tax

Save $5.00 off publishers price!